How to get what printed.


The world of print can be very confusing so here is a quick guide on basic answers to which of the many print options are best suited to your project.

Logo design: The process


This is the design process I use when working on a company/business/band logo.

What to include in your band website


So you now have your band web hosting and domain name sorted, you have a good web designer, but what pages should include…

CD album artwork and design: The process


This is the design process I use when working with bands on their album artwork and design.

Band promotion on Twitter


Twitter is a great promotional tool, and a useful way to get new fans and traffic to your gigs and other web presences. Following these 10 tips and hints to get your band promotion rocking on Twitter!

Music industry and publishing must-read books


There is a lot more to making it in music than being able to play a good riff, sing a strong note or bash out a catchy beat.

Band promotion: Press Packs


First impressions are very important, so make it count. Create a simple and professional looking press pack

50 tips for band promotion


Band promotion is one of the keys to success in the music industry, you need to get your band out there and heard by potential fans, promoters, managers, labels etc… Here are my 50 top tips to promoting your music!

10 steps to great gig posters & flyer design


Gig promotion is essential in getting people to notice and fan your band, and a key part of gig promotion is the promotion you put out in the form of posters and fliers

Marketing your music


You can have the best songs and the strong coherent look of a top signed touring band, but if you don’t have any decent contacts and fans you’re not going anywhere fast. The way to do this is with a good strong marketing plan, just like you would in any other business venture.