Ooh Crikey it’s… Lawnmower Deths kickstarter CD & Vinyl reissue


The revamped pressing of Lawnmower Deth, Ooh Crikey it’s… Lawnmower deth album reissue CD and LP

Massacre From Beyond FDR Vinyl reissue


An eagerly awaited vinyl reissue for fans of death metal has to be Massacres “From Beyond”. Recreated with the original album artwork by Ed Repka

Earache Peel Sessions: Bolt Thrower Vinyl LP


Earache Peel Sessions vinyl editions were a great chance to do something interesting that could reach across several bands and fit with the look of the era. using the cover drawing by Andrei Bouzikov I created the full layout, ran the production and created the flyer designs for this very cool release of classic grind madness. Available […]

Earache Peel Sessions: Carcass/Godflesh Vinyl LP


Cover drawing by Andrei Bouzikov, the story behind the release of Carcass / Godflesh ‘Grind Madness at the BBC’ (available from the Earache webstore).

Earache Peel Sessions: Napalm Death Vinyl LP


Using the cover drawing by Andrei Bouzikov I created the full layout, ran the production and created the flyer designs for the Napalm Death vinyl release of classic grind madness.

At The Gates Slaughter of the Soul vinyl reissue


One album reissue I have been looking forward to working on while at Earache has been the At The Gates Slaughter of the Soul vinyl and last year I got to do that.

5 Common Album Release Mistakes


Ok, so you have been practicing, rehearsing and writing away for months, you are in the studio next week to record your album. Have you thought whats next? have you planed the release properly? Here are 5 common mistakes you can easily avoid…

Make Your CD Duplication Order run smoothly


Making a physical album of you and your bands hard work can be very exciting but easy to get wrong and cause lots of problems that can set back the albums release and/or add unwanted costs on top of your bill.

5 ways to escape your creative rut


Finding ways to escape your creative rut can be frustrating and staying stuck can be costly especially if its how you make your living.

Earache energy drinks and 25 year beer


One of the many things to crown the two and a half decades of noise were these… “Twenty-five Year Beer” brewed by Steel City Brewery and the Earache Energy Drink.