TMIS T-shirt Artwork


Last year I wrote about the work I did for TMIS (The More I See) revamping their album layout for The Disappearing Humans and logo design.  Then I did the Single cover artwork for their Spottify single and metalizer reskin “The Eye That Offends”  Well this is the T-shirt artwork that went out with the band […]

SmackHandle Album Artwork and Layout Design


SmackHandle are a alternative heavy metal band from Lincoln in the vein of Slipknot, late 90′s Marylin Manson and their own take on a Rob Zombie style rock show. I was asked to work on their debut self titled album artwork and layout design. basing it around the bands mascot “Smackie the Jester” and the back […]

Rival Sons: Great Western Valkyrie release editions

RIVAL SONS-GWV-vinyl colours

Rival Sons: Great Western Valkyrie is the third studio album by the long beach blues rockers on Earache Records

These are the various release formats that were created, I worked on the production management and redesigning the artwork/layouts to fit the various special editions, promotional singles and adverts.

Entombed Hollowman FDR Vinyl reissue


Entombed Hollowman FDR Vinyl reissue

Hollowman was the perfect bridge between the band’s early death metal albums and their later death ‘n’ roll output.

Ab Aterno Music PR Logo and Artwork


Ab Aterno Music PR is a new music promotion company specialising in Rock, Metal and Indie. Giving Individual targeted campaigns across Club/Radio/Webzine/National Print for record labels or individual artists. I was contacted by them to wok on their logo and branding.

IRON MONKEY: Iron Monkey vinyl


More vinyl I worked on in my job at Earache Records  was IRON MONKEYs Earache debut, Iron Monkey. The vinyl reissue 2012. Iron Monkey was a sludge metal band that formed in Nottingham, England in 1994. The original members were Justin Greaves (drums, ex-Bradworthy), Johnny Morrow (vocals), Jim Rushby (guitar), Steve Watson (guitar, ex-Cerebral Fix) and Doug Dalziel (Bass, ex-Ironside). The group’s […]

SemiDeus Digital E.P. Artwork


SemiDeus are a death metal band from Dewsbury (UK). I was recently contacted by them to work on the artwork for their Debut EP “Fractal Catharsis”. This is what we did…

New Town Kings Logo Design


New Town Kings are a 9 piece Ska band from Essex. This is the work I did on their new logo and vinyl E.P “Pull Up and Rewind” Out July 14 on Bomber Music …   Check out New Town Kings on Facebook here New Town Kings are: Dabs Bonner – Vox Tommy Marchant – […]

London Underground Album release posters


As well as the traditional magazine print adverts and online banner ads and flyers. For three releases we at Earache Records we have been making advert posters for the London Underground.  Blackberry Smoke “Leave A Scar: Live North Carolina” released August 18th 2014   Blackberry Smoke “The Whippoorwill” released February 17th 2014 Rival Sons “Great […]

Savage Messiah, Cross of Babylon Digital Single Artwork and T-shirt Design


In my work at Earache Records I get the chance to work with some great bands and produce some interesting and cool artwork for releases and T-shirts. This was one of those occasions working on artwork for a new single released on Spotify and T-shirt artwork to match.