Clients and colleagues testimonials.

"sums us up completely. an amazing job, A very professional service" Nathan Clark (Owner of Complete Tours)


“superb illustration and logo work produced to tight time scales and at a very competitive price.” Martin Smith - Head of Marketing & Design, Access to Music Ltd.

ATOM logos for Access to music By ASYLUMseventy7


“Mark is brilliant to work with. efficient, professional service” Sam Cook – Bad Ideas, The Living Daylights, Analysis Failed.

Anaysis Failed by ASYLUMseventy7


'Mark has expanded and supported my visual concept.' Karl Svarc - Singer Songwriter


“He is a Talented, Tortured Genius. Sit back and enjoy the ride.” Paul Etcell – Plaguesfire


"give him the creative freedom to use his fucked up mind, to create some unreal, first class designs.” James Quartermaine - Aonia Guitarist and inferno promotion manager


“His artistic styles and ideas are very distinctive and make him one of my top favorite artists.” Ben Steed – Musician,singer,songwriter.

Ben Steed by ASYLUMseventy7


"we thank him for a lot of satisfied customers" Mr C (Hybrid Clothing - Merchandise Printers for the music Industry)


"The designs were great and exactly what we were looking for" Critical Clothing Company

Critical clothing


" No questions asked, we had to use Mark @ ASYLUMseventy7, End of." Evolution Presents (Promotions company)


"Very professional and efficient" Gary @ GWH Music 


"Mark is a creative genius. complete care and attention to detail on every level. the voice of priceless advices”
Krissy Gore – Gore Couture Corsets


" Get committed to the psychopathic designs and illegally insane photographic work by Mark Leary now !! Enter his asylum at your own risk !!!! - a dark, rich, mental and intense world where I just feel at home " Sam Hayles aka DOSEprod


“dark, sexy, disturbing and truly unusual. not constrained by the typical boundaries of art or erotica, he pushes past that, into a new world, into The ASYLUM.” Steph “Kitten” Wood – Pirate photography

Pirate photography by ASYLUMseventy7


"It's one thing to do good work but another kettle of fish to have instantly recognizable work. I've come across Mark's stuff in all sorts of places and just known it was his, he always produces amazing quality images but what separates him from the rest is his style. That unique ASYLUMseventy7 look makes so much good stuff pale as a ghost in comparison but is cleverly transferred into everything he puts his hand to." Nicholas Dishington – Photographer and author

Nicholas Dishington by ASYLUMseventy7.


-"I first came across Mark's work as we were collaborating with a lot of the same people. It wasn't long at all before that I was following everything he put out there, eagerly devouring each piece like a rabid trick-or-treater. Every photograph oozing with conceptual brilliance, both beautiful and disturbing at once. Every design shrouded in perfectionism. No single person should be graced with such creative genius. When I found out about Mark's project involving photographers on the wrong end of his lens, I jumped at the opportunity with such alacrity, I shocked myself. To cut a long story short, I wouldn't lick shaving cream for anyone else!" John Mcintre – Photographer

John Mcintire By ASYLUMseventy7


“Its unique and eye catching. his ideas and talent are not to be ignored.” Adam Froggatt – Adam Froggatt decorating


“Mark Asylumseventy7 is just an amazing creative being, Mark is not just a photographer, he is an artist. He can turn a twisted thought into a beautiful reality.” Kira Kruger – Model and Owner of Tokyo Royal clothing.


" vivid imagination and passion determined and highly motivated"
Elizabeth Garton – Model


“Mark managed to capture what was in my mind and make better, darker and moodier.” Charlie – Trail

Trail City by ASYLUMseventy7


"a creative process approached with passion and vision - The final piece is always of the highest quality and work" Lord Eibon - Eibon La Furies

Eibon la Furies by ASYLUMseventy7


"Mark @ ASYLUMseventy7 was the only real choice for Logo design"- Sworn FX (Music Producer)


"Mark is an outstanding artist and photographer. We gave him a project of designing a logo for our new business plus a poster design that took him totally out of his comfort zone, and he came back with an amazing design for both which we totally love. We're over the moon with his work for us and would recommend him to everyone!!" Hazel Marchant and Shane Holliday @ The Asylum Gym, Essex.


"Mark has undertaken a number of projects for myself over the years and everything he has produced has been perfect, beyond expectations and just his friendliness and professionalism made it an absolute pleasure to work with him, and thoroughly enjoy watching him push the boundaries of design and photography!" James P - Inhouse recording studios

inhouse studios ID


“Everything I had hoped for and more. His professional approach and communication from the outset through to post shooting is commendable.” Spike – Alt Model


“His skill and attention to detail are second to none. The artwork he produces is beyond natural talent.” Holly Hell – Alt Model



"I feel very privileged to have worked with asylumseventy7. We got some amazing shots and I had the chance to try new things and feel very comfortable and have lots of fun doing it. Hes very easy to talk and work with also is very creative and this is shown clearly in his work. i highly recommend him" Exhayle – Model


“a very talented artist” Antonella Imbimbo – Model/Photographer


"I have worked with Mark on a number of occasions and projects and really enjoy collaborating with him. He is very hard working and pays attention to detail, producing some great high quality images. His style of work is unique and would make a great contribution to any models portfolio" Helene Atsuko – Fetish model