Promote your music with images – Top 10

A picture is worth 1000 words, so save time writing them by using some strong imagery and creative thinking to promote your music :)

With photo dominated social Media platforms like, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitpic and pinterest promoting via pictures has never been easier.

Here are ten tips to get you started…

1, Album Art

Using your album artwork is a great way to get your band some attention, after all this is what the artwork on your CD is for. use it as your avatar, post it as a free download to be used as wallpapers/screensavers. (Bands and promoters get in touch if you want a great deal on cover artwork)

2, Fans and Audience

Fans love bands that take notice of them, it is the difference between someone who likes your band and someone who will help you promote your band. Include pics of your fans, fans rocking out at gigs or you with your fans.

3, Studio and Recording Sessions

Fans who love a certain band like to feel included in more than just the gigs, so post pics of your latest recording session or band practice.

4, Other Bands

Post pictures if you go to a show as a fan as well as the other bands on the same gig as you, show yourselves having fun and interacting too.

5, Backstage

This is another hidden view for fans, so why not show them the fun and pranks you can get up to?

6, Venues

Show off the venues you play, let people see your journey to out of town venues, if you see some interesting landmark, graffiti or just something funny, let others in on it.

7, Scan Press Coverage

This may seem obvious but if you get a good review, show it off! By scanning or grabbing a screnshot of the original you add interest to it and make people want to read it more than saying “here’s a link to our latest review”

8, Handwritten Lyrics

Hand written lyrics are another of my favorites. Fans love to know what you’re singing and what it is about so why not include the scribbled notes along the way. hand written is so much more interesting than a print out.

9, QR codes

QR Codes (A mobile phone , that can be used for a weblink, message, text ) are an interesting way to promote your website, a lyric, facebook page, gig or anything you want really, so why not start?

10, Gig posters

Creative and interesting layouts along with imagery are a great way to promote a gig but also your band, they can get people wanting them on their walls, retweeting/reposting/sharing the artwork and therefore your bands name. take the time to put that extra thought into each gig and see how it can pay off. (Bands and promoters get in touch if you want a great deal on multipul poster artworks)


The Instagram app is a great way to take and post any of these images to the web and you can link them to your facebook, tumblr, Twitter and more!

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