An overview of CD packaging

CD cases and packaging are an often overlooked consideration in the release process. Here are a few options to think about.

CD cases.

  • Jewel case – Standard old school chunky look or the new sleek modern.
  • Digipak – Great for the special edition or limited single you want to really grab attention and look special.
  • Simple card sleeve or plastic wallet – A great option for small demos, promos and free gig gifts.

CD artwork, booklets and inserts.

Printed card and paper parts of the package include:

  • J card inserts for CD single cases.
  • Booklets & cards for the front and inserts for the back tray of standard jewel cases.
  • Digipack packaging.

This is where most people want to get the help of a professional designer and artist. The cover of your CD and artwork is the first thing customers/fans see and it is this that will help attract new fans to your music. To understand the design process of a professional designer I wrote out my usual design rout here

All printers and duplication specialists with print facilities will use templates for the artwork print process so even if you are using an outside source for your album artwork and design make sure you use the right template usually downloadable from the printer/duplicators website.

Remember colours on your graphics can come out different to your original artwork, so make sure that all copies and proofs are approved by all first!  If the run is radically different to the agreed proofs you should be able to get it redone free.

On body art work for your CD

On body artwork for your CD always gives the finished product the professional look all bands should be striving for.

This is basically the same rules as the booklet and insert printing, remember to follow templates, and as always it is best to get a professional to do the work for you or at lease check over and proof the work prior to sending off to the printers.

Check out some CD album artwork and design by ASYLUMseventy7

and Get committed to creative Music design!

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