Zeni Danussi Album Artwork

Here is the latest album artwork I have been working on for guitarist Zeni Dannussi!

Zeni Danussi is a ” Melodic Rock Guitar Instrumentalist / Virtuoso,”  playing solid British rock and putting it into the main stream. Zeni Danussi music is no-nonsense, heads down, in your face solos and guitar riffs. The Danussi experience will put you on a platform of pure rock energy, thrusting you into a world of escape, with the guitars smashing you through a brick wall of serious energy / emotions.

Check him and his fantastic guitar work here

and the Zeni Danussi myspace page here


  1. […] Guitar wizard Zeni Danussi got back in contact at the end of March to talk about working on his new album artwork. This is the second Album cover I have done for Zeni (The first being his great musical journey High speed Rider) […]

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