New ASYLUMseventy7 goodies for sale

Whoop whoop new new new! Yes as my excitement suggests there is now some new merchandise from ASYLUMseventy7 ready for you all!

Two new postcard sets!

The first is a collection of five cards showing the artwork from my Evolution series.

The second set includes five of my favorite promo and self initiated artworks such as “I <3 realism”, “Frame Face” and “Speaker your mind” which can be seen on the current ASYLUM website, sticker set, blog and social media sites.

Buy the eVOLUTION postcard set now for £6.50 (inc P&P)

Buy the ASYLUM postcard set01 now for £6.50 (inc P&P)

Buy both for the special limited time price of £10 (inc P&P)

Get in touch for information on the new T-shirts and sticker sets!

The ASYLUM shop is now open!!

Check out the New stock in my online shop as well :)

Speak Your Mind