Band promotion: Press Packs

The main idea of a press pack is to be attention grabbing. Presenting your bands information in an interesting way that gets the full attention of managers, labels, Gig Promoters, Venues, Labels, Press (on and off line), Radio DJs and anyone else in the music industry.

Sending a hard copy of your press pack is much better than sending an email with your Myspace/soundcloud URL.

Press Packs should 

  • band name
  • genre
  • email address
  • website URL and social media links.
  • Photographs
  • CD/DVD
  • Business Card
  • A small bio not your life story.


Band name: This is obvious, no need to explain this one :p

Genre: Keep it simple and not overly confusing with really bizarre sub-genres only your band has heard of “coat-hanger chutney thrash,” ” lollypop jazz grind” and  “sub yogurt crunk”

Email address: It is best to use your Manager’s if you have one, Also using a band domain email address (such as will help show you are a committed band

Website URL and social media links: Having your own domain website will show you are a committed serious band. Include your Myspace as well as a couple of your other social network URLs showing how you interact with fans but don’t go overboard and list 100’s!

Photographs: Get a professional to take some photos of the band for press and promo purposes as well as using a professional for some strong live shots, you will see the difference! (photos at 300dpi +)

CD/DVD: You shouldn’t judge a CD by it’s cover but… make a good first impression by taking a bit of time over the packaging and presentation. Include 2 or 3 tracks and lead with your strongest song! Most people will only give you a minuet to impress them, remember they are getting loads of songs thrown at them everyday by loads of bands.

Business Card: This is good to have included so promoters, managers, venues and labels have your contact details to hand on a pin board or on file with out taking up to much room.

A short bio of the band: This should be kept short. Your target is only after a brief intro to the band, your style, aesthetic and not your bands favorite foods and first pet. If you think they may want more just wet their appetite with a brief intro then direct them to your website where you can put a mini bio for each member and go into more detail if it is an interesting story.

  • Tip: Do your research and make sure you send your press pack to the right people.
  • Tip: It’s a good idea to contact the recipient of your press pack first, to find out if they want it, and how best to deliver it.
  • Tip: Create different versions for different targets.
  • Tip: Keep it simple and direct.
  • Tip: Make a PDF copy or single web page press pack for those not wanting a hard copy.
  • Tip: remember to double check spelling and grammar.

Contact me to get committed to a creative eye catching press pack.

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