Marketing your music

Whether you’re in a band, a manager, producer, sound engineer, promoter, or in music marketing and PR, it all comes down to contacts, and the best place to start is with a marketing strategy.

There are several steps you should follow.

  • Step one: Have something to market!

“The fist bite is with the eye”

A band logo is a key factor in getting your band noticed and remembered. Think of the Iron Maiden logo, or Areosmith, Oasis, Megadeth, or NIN, their logos are known all over the world.

Band photos are also a strong visual element to band identification, Think of the press pictures from your favorite bands, you don’t need to listen to the music to know what style and sound they are going for. for example you wouldn’t see a photo of black metal band Emperor and think its going to be in the same style and sound as Mumford and sons and vice versa.

CD album artwork and design can all be tied into the look of the band and carry alot of weight in identifying with your fan base. think of Cannibal corpse, Fear factory and Queens of the stone age album covers and their strong visual relationship with the music genre they inhabit.

  • Step two: Get online.

Next you need a place to direct people to hear your music and see your band so sort out a band website and social media.  There are lots networking sites to choose from these are the 4 most popular and  therefore get your message to the largest audience.

Remember to include your band logo, Photos and music where possible, a small bio and of cause up to date contact information. If you don’t have a website yet, use MySpace or Facebook as your link, remembering to change it when you have a .com/ domain hosted site.

  • Step three: Get networking and find some good contacts!

You can have the best songs and the strong coherent look of a top signed touring band, but if you don’t have any decent contacts and fans you’re not going anywhere fast. The way to do this is with a good strong marketing plan, just like you would in any other business venture.

Here are some of the basic guidelines to help you get started.

  • Know who your future fans are.
  • Know where your future fans are.
  • Know who can help you.
  • Know where you can find help
  • Know who your competition is.
  • Know where your competition is.

There are many types of marketing you can use and you will need to focus on in your marketing plan. The three main types are…

  • Brand marketing,
  • Promotional marketing,
  • Online marketing.

I plan to go into these and other helpful tips and advice over the coming weeks in this new series of band/music promotion, information and advice.

If you have any questions on anything in this or future articles feel free to contact me.

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